Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery is not new.  It actually started with satellites in the early '70s.  Satellite imagery remains an option still today for imagery.  The main concern surrounding satellite image is the speed at which the imagery is available for use.  The use of airplane imagery has sped this up. Airplanes took the wait time down to within week.  With the introduction of UAV; imagery is almost instant. The most common used form of imagery is NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index).  NDVI senses the health of the crop using infrared light bans.  Infrared light can detect plant stress days before our unaided eyes can.  Images are downloaded into office computer software to be stitched together and analyzed.  Using SST Summit Software ForeFront Ag Solutions can identify issues and generate scouting maps.  Those maps are then uploaded to SST Sirrus on an iPad or iPhone that hones the scout into those effected areas the field.   

Quicker response time allows ForeFront Ag Solutions to catch issues earlier, which allow customer to respond quicker saving yield.


Scouting or Ground Truthing is simply walking the fields looking for issues.  Issues could include disease pressure, infestation of insects, or a patch of weeds.  All of these issues left unchecked steal yield, which is money to your bottom line. Using UAV and NDVI imagery ForeFront Ag Solutions has the ability to pinpoint an issue from above, upload scouting maps into iPad or iPhone and walk to that spot in the field.  We then identify the issue, take notes and contact customer with appropriate actions needed. Upon syncing iPad or iPhone, all reports are available to customer through the Field Report Viewer.