Nitrogen Management

Nitrogen is probably the third largest single line item expense in corn production.  Nitrogen is also the largest wasted resource in corn production.  In September 2011 an 89 page report was submitted to the United State Department of Agriculture.  It document that through the years of the study only 35% of the time nitrogen application met the Best Management Practices.  This has to change, 65% waste is not sustainable or economically feasible.  ForeFront Ag Solutions is committed in helping our customers do better.  Starting with soil texture and organic matter mapping to understand what the soil properties are and nitrogen load each can handle.  Variable rate nitrogen application maps are generated, and multiple applications are tracked as well.  Using software, such as Adapt-N that was developed to track and monitor nitrogen through out growing season.  Understand nitrogen uptake and growth stages of the corn.  Fly UAS and monitor progress using NDVI and thermal imagery to track corn's health.  By managing nitrogen better, we can lower your cost of production, maintain or increase yields, leading to a lower break even point.