Tissue Sampling

Plant analysis or tissue sampling can be traced back to the early 1800s.  With the amount of history available there are a few procedures to assure proper tissue collection and sampling.  Tissue sampling is not the cure all, do not make let it become more than it is.  It should only be used within same field and same hybrid/ variety to see the difference between effected plants and normal plants.  A soil sample should also be collected from each area.  There is no direct link between tissue test and soil test, however tissue test complete the soil fertility story.  If soil test levels are adequate, a tissue test confirms plant uptake of nutrients.  When plants show signs of deficiency and the soil test confirm it is low, then steps need to be taken to correct the situation. If collecting multiple times from same field, time of day needs to be consistent.  Early morning the plant have stored energy from resting all night, and by afternoon have depleted that reserve.  So results will be vastly different.  Based on the growth stage of plant; different leaves should be collected to correspond with that stage.  The last thing that should be done is simply drop a GPS point where the sample was taken.  This allows the tracking of the issue through out growing season.  ForeFront Ag Solutions can set up a schedule to collect tissue samples and bring value to you based on results.