Yield Analysis

Yield monitors were introduced over 20 years ago.  This technology has continued to evolve and will still in the years to come.  A large percentage of growers never look at the data collected.  This is the report card for the year.  Questions should be raised, how did this hybrid do?  Was the application of the fungicide worth it?  This is the time that dissection should occur.  Choices and decisions should be happening for the next crop years based on information in hand.  ForeFront Ag Solutions can help with this step as well.  First step is calibrating the combine so we are assured of accurate information collected.  Once information is collected ForeFront Ag Solutions will then process it.  The yield data will be available to you through your SST Viewer account for review.  At this point, in Viewer you could have as applied maps, weather maps, and every map generated by ForeFront Ag Solutions for that field or management zone at your finger tip for your dissection.  Upon dissection of information decisions are beginning to be formed for the next cropping year.  This is an incredible asset at your fingertips to drive your business bottom line.